SH Eagle II Scrap Shears

SH Eagle II Scrap Shears

The Mantovanibenne SH EAGLE II Scrap Shears are designed to maximise profits and scrap production levels through their efficient and powerful design. Used for scrap metal recycling and demolition throughout the world MBI are a market leader for Scrap shears.

The new design of the SH Eagle II range makes it a market leader amongst hydraulic rotating demolition shears. The piercing tip blades, new jaw design, patented speed valve, larger cylinders and robust build quality gives efficient cycle times and higher productivity.

We can offer standard shear and excavator arrangements, or to boom mount larger shears for scrap recycling operations to allow the recycling of larger metal sections with reduced running costs.

  • Improved Profits and reduced down-time
  • All spares stored in our UK depot
  • Experienced engineers to provide back-up & service support
  • Robust build quality for long life-span

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