Inmalo announces Montabert dealership

 21 November 2016
Inmalo announces Montabert dealership

Celebrating Inmalo’s 70th year in business in 2016, Charles Polak said, “It’s a great pleasure to announce that Inmalo International Marketers (London) Ltd has been awarded the UK South East area distribution rights for Montabert hydraulic breakers.

“Inmalo specialises in supplying high end demolition attachments and dust suppression systems which deliver power, productivity and reliability to the demolition industry. The Montabert product range fits with our ethos, complementing our range of powerful and reliable attachments which discerning demolition clients require to meet the demands and challenges they face on site today. Montabert has the widest range of breakers catering for all materials, carriers and budgets.

“Our recent focus has been on acquiring a high quality manufacturer of hydraulic breakers committed to product development and service. Montabert’s patented technology and systems not only maximize efficiency and profitability, but also help protect and extend the life and performance of the hammers and carriers, which is a most important consideration for our clients.”

Whether in demolition, construction or quarrying industries, the Montabert range of hydraulic breakers is unique in optimising performance with patented features such as overflow protection, energy recovery and automatic speed /power change sensors which monitor material contact density.

Inmalo continues to win and attract the top manufacturers of demolition equipment thanks to its team’s commitment, experience and service to the UK demolition industry over the last 70 years. Working closely with existing manufacturers to improve and develop products has been key to winning the Montabert dealership.

Marcus Hartley of Montabert SAS said, “We were looking for a distributor in South East England with a good reputation and experience within the demolition and plant hire industries, someone hungry for business and willing to contribute to product development and growth to drive our business to the next level. Following meetings with other companies, none showed the same level of experience or commitment that Inmalo did and we are very excited to partner with them in this new venture.

“We invite all Montabert customers to approach Inmalo to understand what I mean. The invitation extends to users of other brands, as Inmalo’s aftermarket service and Montabert’s patented technology will prove a perfect combination to the daily challenges you face”.

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