Rockwheel Demolition Cutting

Demolish and cut in a single step. Rockwheel revolving cutting units effortlessly break up and crush concrete, including steel reinforcement without the need for additional tools to cut rebar and flat bar. The units demolish and cut in a one-step process with unrivalled performance.

The resulting crushed material is the same size as gravel, making it reusable as crushed  aggregate or its waste removal from site easier and more efficient. The units also come with a mounted spray nozzle ensuring dust-free work when connected to a water supply.

Sophisticated engineering and unparalleled quality, the Rockwheel cutting units combine British creativity and decades of cutting unit production experience with the “Made in Germany” seal of quality.

These cutting attachments use powerful carbide spiked tips, turning and ripping at high speed revolutions and are perfect for applications where a bucket or grapple would be too weak and a hammer would be excessive and slow. The Rockwheel is a quicker option than breakers for most concrete demolition applications.

Lower Noise Level for Use in Sensitive Areas
Demolition with Rockwheel cutting units have a lower noise activity level. This is an advantage when working in sensitive locations, such as urban and residential areas.

Moreover, the use of cutting units results in lower vibration as it eliminates the typical impact energy of breakers.
Build to Demolish
With their massive full-length HardoxR central protective plates, reinforced housing and
carbide-tipped picks, heavy-duty Rockwheel cutting units are almost unbreakable.  

  • Lower vibration minimizes machine wear and environmental impact
  • Cuts rebar and flat bar
  • Perfect for noise-sensitive locations
  • Reusable crushed material (gravel-sized)
  • Crushed material can be easily removed
  • Rugged steel structure with Hardox reinforcements
  • Can be used for removal in layers
  • Faster than hammers on similar materials
  • No case drain line required
  • Mounted spray nozzle ensures dust-free work


  • Demolition Work
  • Trench & Pipeline Construction
  • Excavating Foundations
  • Mining
  • Underwater
  • Tunnelling
  • Asphalt Repair Preparation
  • Stump Grinding

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