Dust Suppression Units

Dustboss Dust Suppression

DustBoss units are specifically designed for the effective control of dust and can help reduce health risks and air quality issues associated with dust.

The DustBoss is a robust and powerful product, all new units are sold with a 3 year/3,000-hour warranty.

To learn more about each individual DustBoss design and how it can help control your dust/odour problem, click on the links below. We also create customised solutions for facilities with complex dust issues that need a higher level of monitoring and control. We always have DustBoss dust suppression units available to hire.

  • Powerful units offering up to 100m coverage
  • Robust design with long warranty
  • Easy to move around site by forklift or chains
  • In stock in the UK


DustBoss dust suppression unit DB-100


Engineered specifically to fight dust on large job sites, the DB-100 is the largest DustBoss ever designed with a 100m reach.

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DustBoss dust suppression unit DBR


The DustBoss Ring is designed for use at the ends of conveyor belts to aid in the suppression of dust at the discharge point. The DB-R creates a virtual curtain around discharging material to contain the particle flow.

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DustBoss dust suppression unit DB-30


The DB-30 is the ideal machine for dust and odour control in smaller, more confined areas or for less problematic situations.

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DustBoss dust suppression unit DB-60


With a 60m reach the DustBoss DB-60 is the right tool for the toughest dust control jobs.

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