Hydraulic Attachments

Mantovanibenne Hydraulic Attachments

Since 1963 Mantovanibenne has been a leading brand for excavator attachments including Scrap Shears, Concrete Crackers and Pulverizers, Multi-systems, Pile Breakers and Grapples. 

Thanks to the gained experience over the years, Mantovanibenne presents a wide range of advanced technology products with high quality standards. The passion for this industry allows continuous Research and Development of new products and solutions for new applications.

It is no coincidence that Mantovanibenne is rooted in the province of Modena, a region historically marked by a passion for engines, mechanical engineering and competition. 

Mantovanibenne has welcomed the challenges of efficiency, the search for perfection and National and International leadership by designing, producing and marketing the highest quality equipment for earthmoving, demolition and recycling companies.