Hydraulic Attachments

Mantovanibenne Hydraulic Attachments

Since 1963 Mantovanibenne has been a leading brand for excavator attachments including Scrap Shears, Concrete Crackers and Pulverizers, Multi-systems, Pile Breakers and Grapples. 

Thanks to the gained experience over the years, Mantovanibenne presents a wide range of advanced technology products with high quality standards. The passion for this industry allows continuous Research and Development of new products and solutions for new applications.

It is no coincidence that Mantovanibenne is rooted in the province of Modena, a region historically marked by a passion for engines, mechanical engineering and competition. 

Mantovanibenne has welcomed the challenges of efficiency, the search for perfection and National and International leadership by designing, producing and marketing the highest quality equipment for earthmoving, demolition and recycling companies.


SH Eagle III Scrap Shear / Demolition Shear

SH Eagle III Scrap Shear / Demolition Shear Mantovanibenne

The next generation of hydraulic rotating demolition shears (scrap shear) designed for increased power efficiency for your more demanding projects.

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Mantovanibenne SH EAGLE II Scrap Shear

SH Eagle II Scrap Shear / Demolition Shear Mantovanibenne

A market leader amongst hydraulic rotating demolition shears (scrap shear) they are designed to maximise profits and scrap production levels through their efficient and powerful design.

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CC Combi Cutters

CC Combi Cutters Mantovanibenne

CC25R, CC35R, CC65R & CC90R Combi Cutters are designed for primary demolition of heavily reinforced concrete structures with the added benefit of larger metal handling shear blades.

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Mantovanibenne MBI CR Concrete Cracker

CR Cracker Mantovanibenne

The MBI CR Concrete Cracker is the perfect attachment for primary demolition, especially on high-reach excavators with reinforced concrete beams or columns.

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Mantovanibenne RP-IT Rotating Pulveriser

RP-IT Rotating Pulveriser Mantovanibenne

The RP-IT Rotating Concrete Pulverizer is the perfect attachment for primary and secondary demolition. It’s tough and compact and coupled with a very powerful cylinder.

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Mantovanibenne SGR Demolition & Sorting Grapple Attachment

SGR Demolition & Sorting Grapple Mantovanibenne

The Mantovanibenne Hydraulic sorting Grapple is designed for the Demolition and Waste Recycling Industries.

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Mantavanibenne MS Multisystem

MS Multisystem Mantovanibenne

The MS Multisystem can be used with up to 7 different jaw configurations making it a truly versatile unit for any demolition application.

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Mantovanibenne MCP-IT Concrete Pulveriser

MCP- IT Pulveriser Mantovanibenne

The MCP-IT Concrete Pulverizer is a non-rotating hydraulic pulveriser offering great crushing power and is designed for secondary demolition of concrete.

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Mantovanibenne Fixed Mini Pulverisers

Mini Pulveriser Mantovanibenne

The MCP300 & MCP480 are fixed head concrete pulverizers, the ideal attachment for mini and midi excavators. Very powerful little concrete crushers!

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Mantovanibenne CRH440 Mini Cracker

CRH440 Mini Cracker Mantovanibenne

A mini-cracker with twin cylinders designed with intensifiers that create massive power. Perfect for mini excavators or Brokk, Avant or Husqvarna demolition robots.

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Mantovanibenne Orange Peel Grab

BP Orange Peel Grab Mantovanibenne

Mantovanibenne Orange Peel Grabs are designed for sorting and loading material such as scrap metal, solid waste, wood, paper and car tyres.

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Mantovanibenne PB Pile Breaker

PB Pile Breaker Mantovanibenne

Mantovanibenne Pile Breaker is the most innovative and efficient way to crush foundation piles, keeping intact the rebar and structural integrity of the piles

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Mantovanibenne MVR Riddling Bucket

MVR Riddling Bucket Mantovanibenne

The Mantovanibenne MVR Riddling Bucket is suitable for the selection and separation of materials of different sizes.

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