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GI-DA Magnets

GI-DA HMG Demolition and Scrap Recycling lifting magnets are designed for ease of use with internal hydraulically driven electric generators. Hydraulics plug straight in to the excavators breaker circuit, without the need to change any settings. Connection by chains is standard, but we can offer connection via, quick coupler, Steelwrist SQ, OilQuick, Lenhoff and direct mount as required. INMALO offer all 5 models in the GI-DA HMG scrap magnet range ensuring a country-wide coverage, full back-up service and spares availability. GI-DA Magnets have many benefits and advantages over competitor products currently available in the UK, please see below and call for more details.

  • Internal hydraulically generated power unit

  • Plugs directly in to breaker circuit

  • High flow range, up to 200L/min on all models

  • High back pressure allowance (up to 40 bar)

  • One way safety valve

  • Overflow relief valve dumps excess oil back to tank

  • Robust cover is pinned rather than bolted to the frame

  • 1 sec release rate

  • Five models for excavator magnet attachments - from 10 to 50t excavators

Other versions of our scrap handling magnets and lifting magnets are available, including ECM electric units powered from a separate generator, BMG electric units powered by the machines electric circuit and EBL units with an in-built re-chargeable electric battery