Inmalo adds MB Dust Control & Suppression for extended range

 11 September 2019
Inmalo adds MB Dust Control & Suppression for extended range

As environmental pressures increase around demolition and waste site air quality /contamination, INMALO are leading the way, responding to customer demand for a greater range of dust cannon suppression systems both in terms of size, mounting and self-contained water and power options. 

“Our new MB Dust Control range has been developed in response to the wide range of applications requested by customers and our appointment as UK distributor for MB Dust Control will enable us to services customer needs more effectively across demolition and waste recycling centres with the appropriate solutions in the future. We have taken the time to carefully choose the right manufacturer with the build quality and performance our customers in the UK demand.” Says INMALO’s, Charles Polak. 

MB Dust Control are an innovative company who saw the need for a more flexible product range to meet how customers in different environments operated, especially where water supply or electricity may not be available at the source. 

With many options on size, power and reach, the new mounting options now enable these units to be self-contained with generators, water tanks, elevating cannon mast heights, wheel sets, trailers and even full sized road tanker bowser option. The configurations are available from the SC25 upwards giving the customer the option that’s right for their environment. Static units can also be mounted on or within a building with a water and electricity supply for permanent sheds and yards and there’s even indoor units SC5 and SC15 available for more confined or enclosed working spaces.

Contact us now for a demonstration of the latest spray canons.

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