08 April 2022

New Motofog MF20D/40D Mast Upgrade

INMALO are delighted to announce the launch of the new and improved Motofog MF20D and MF40D dust suppression systems. 

The Motofog has always been at the leading edge of the dust suppression market. The latest changes are no different and they have been developed to improve performance, transportation and safety. 

The major improvement is the new folding mast which enables it to fold down flat which allows the unit to fit in a van or container easily.

Simplifying transport to and from site and improving security overnight was a big factor in this modification and this was led by a desire to meet our customer’s varying needs.

Performance is significantly improved with the electric oscillation increasing from 90° to 270° with greater height adjustment as well. 

All of the major functions of the unit can be controlled by remote control as an optional extra.

Moving the Motofogs is made easier and safer with the addition of forklift pockets on the underside as well as the usual lifting eye on top.

Other safety improvements include an emergency stop button on the front panel and an improved drainage valve on the side to reduce the risk of water freezing during winter conditions. 

Charles Polak said, “The Motofog range of dust suppression continues to be a market leader. We are very proud to be the sole UK supplier for Motofogs and to have a leading role in progressing the design.

We are sure our clients will be as impressed with the improvements as we are and they will be available in our rental fleet as well as for sale alongside our range of MB Spray Cannons.

Call 01962 760055 or email for more information.

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