Montabert Replace Silverclip with New SD Range

 22 April 2022
Montabert Replace Silverclip with New SD Range

INMALO are pleased to announce the launch of the Montabert SD Compact range of breakers. Previously known as the Silverclip breakers, Montabert have updated the range and rebranded the name to the SD range.

The SD Compact range covers 8 models for carriers between 0.7t and 12t. Very much a ‘Plug and Play’ hammer, they can take a large range of hydraulic oil flows and pressures and are very tolerant to back -pressure. 

Designed for very easy use and minimal maintenance they take the trouble out of running a fleet of hydraulic breakers.

The new design incorporates an in-built hose protection system which protects against hose damage during work or transportation. 

Within the hose protection cage are two new lifting points which make moving the hammers safer and easier to manage.

The tool retaining system has been completely updated replacing the old “Silverclip” with a robust rubber bung which makes it far easier, quicker and safer to replace the tool on site. The new units also have improved noise reduction.

Reliability is widely known and praised across the Montabert range and this is underlined further by the new breakers coming with a full two year warranty to ensure you have peace of mind.

Charles Polak said ‘This is a great improvement on the previous range as demonstrated by the number of units pre-ordered and sold. Customers have been waiting for the upgrade and these units have been flying out of our warehouse which is a great testament to the brand.’

Check out the full SD range on our products page Click to View

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