Motofog range continues to grow with the RFW60/80

 23 May 2023

Motofog range continues to grow with the RFW60/80

Rotofog RFW60/80 is the latest edition to the Motofog family providing a compact electric range of mobile or fixed dust suppression systems with oscillating mast and twin pumps. This autonomous dust suppression system is suitable for waste handling, transfer hubs/stations, port authorities and quarries with available ranges from 35-55m (RFW6O) or 55-80m (RFW8O).The RFW range provides some movement flexibility over static units such as RF20 and RF40 mounted systems. 

The RFW range provides a solution for dust suppression where power and reduced noise blend together in a unique product. 

RFW is characterised by a compact yet impressive design. The lower body includes the motors, the pumps and the control board, while the upper section contains a powerful motorized rotational arm with a twin jet spraying head achieving 270°rotation and oscillation.

RFW can be installed over different structures, movable, fixed or over a tower system. 

Adjustable power and performances provided by Leotech’s Dual Power technology gives greater control, allowing you to operate the unit with a single or double pump to suit the specific needs and conditions of each job. The power of the machine and 1tie fine high pressure nebulisation, allow operative ranges from 35-55m (RFW6O) to 55-80m (RFW8O).

A jet system rather than blowers allows a powerful and strong water jet with low sensitivity to the wind conditions without creating artificial air streams which could displace the dust instead of suppressing it.

RFW units enable top levels of performances for dust suppression with the lowest noise levels of less than 58 dB at 20m. These are remarkable values when compared to dust cannon/fan blower technology.

RFW is only available with electric power supply and can be installed over different structures, fixed or movable.

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