Motofogs get the thumbs up from John F Hunt group

 16 October 2020

4 x MF40D Motofog's being delivered

Alongside the MB Cannons the MOTOFOG range of dust control units are going from strength to strength. They are now a common sight on many demolition projects due to the flexibility and manoeuvrability they bring. 

Charles Polak says that “The Motofog is still our No. 1 best-seller, our customers appreciate the simplicity of using them, especially without the need for a generator or mains water if you have a tank available.

After having rented Motofog units over the past few years John F Hunt Group Ltd decided to purchase them adding 6 Motofogs to their line-up.

We asked Chairman John Hall why he made the investment: “We chose The Motofog units as they provided the most flexible solution for our demolition sites where dust suppression was absolutely essential. A deciding factor was the Motofogs being simple to run and easy to maneuverer on site. Their ability to run off the mains or a tank was also a serious consideration to the site teams. We initially invested in 6 units (2 - MF20D and 4- MF40D) for sites in Kensington, Croydon and on our HS2 project in Euston, where they are not only suppressing the dust, but keeping our clients and stakeholders 100% happy.”

As well as fully supporting sales and servicing, Inmalo also provide a wide range of units within their hire fleet.

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