New Eagle III Scrap Shear gets a work out
Tough pre-war steel no match for the Eagle III Shear

 27 October 2022

New Eagle III Scrap Shear gets a work out

With work underway to redevelop the Campbell Road warehousing site, previously part of the old railway works in Eastleigh, local demolition company HWM Group have been making good progress. The site has some very old warehouses which have been modified and strengthened since they were built in the 1930’s. 

The construction utilised early steel beam construction with heavy lifting gantries which had been added to and strengthened over the years. With HWM having previously used a multisystem attachment to deal with smaller, more modern steel demolition work, it was clear that this would not cope with the old steel beams in the rail works. With the old steels known to be an extremely hard material to cut, HWM turned to Inmalo to ensure they had the most productive shear for the task.   

The brand new Eagle III Shears, launched in the UK by Inmalo earlier this year is up there with the best on the market.

Adam Blake from HWM Group said “Following Inmalo’s recommendations, we’ve fitted our new Kobelco SK300 excavator with the MBI SH250R Eagle III Shear and we’re incredibly pleased with the performance this attachment provides. Our operators have been more productive with the shear, especially on the extremely hard steel which the multisystem wouldn’t have coped with. Adding the SH250R will certainly benefit future demolition projects saving time and money”. 

“For HWM, having the most powerful shear possible for their machine was key to making sure they could cut the harder steels. The SH250R was more than suited to this project providing adequate power to cope with the challenges of these steels.

MBI have focussed on quality and reliability with the Eagle 3 Range. The basic principle was to design the best shear on the market whilst providing value for money. They have done this through improving the wear parts to reduce down-time, including a new piercing tip to cover the end of the beak and optional Hardox 500 wear plates to protect the jaw. The cost of spares is always a key concern, we are always trying to keep the lifetime costs down for the end user, said Charles Polak from Inmalo”.

The MBI Eagle III shears are designed to be market leaders for power and reliability with the new range running alongside the existing and well proven Eagle II range.

The new shears will compete with the biggest names in the market with new, larger cylinders offering a staggering 25-30% increase in power over existing shears.

The Eagle III range covers machines from 20t to 150t. The SH800 (8,000kg) and SH15000 (15,000kg) have completed well over 4,000 hours of work with incredible results and minimal downtime.

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