Scrap Shears to Sheerness

 11 October 2019

The MBI SH410R Demolition and Scrap Shear supplied to DDS Demolition by INMALO has been hard at work clearing the old Sheerness Steel Works on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent.

The vast Sheerness Steel Works is being cleared for Peel Ports expansion of their car import parking facilities. The site originally occupied 50 acres and was built in 1971 at the height of the steel manufacturing era employing over 400 people and breathed new life in to the area when the Navy pulled out in the 1960’s. 

Demolition work started in 2015 and with 25 acres already cleared and developed in to parking storage, the final stage of the demolition is now in sight for contractor, DDS Demolition.

Charles Polak said, ‘We’re delighted to be working with DDS Demolition in being able to supply the MBI SH410R Eagle Scrap Shear for this project. The SH410R is suited to this work and its reliability and performance stand as testament to why companies such as DDS Demolition purchase the Eagle Scrap Shears for sites of this size.

Lee Pooley – DDS Group Buyer said, ‘The SH410R Shear has been used to clear a significant area of steel buildings across the site in both primary and secondary demolition tasks. The Shear has proved popular with the operator, providing precision control and power. The SH410R is simply a powerful shear offering good visibility of the working area.

MBI’s design and technology enables such performance, the blade and jaw design delivers increased cutting power along with a reversed, forged cylinder for reliability and speed valve to reduce cycle times.

The SH410R sits comfortably in the middle of a range of 12 models with 360 degree rotation, suitable for machines ranging from 39-55 tons.

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