EBL Rechargeable Electromagnet
GI-DA Scrap Yard Magnets

EBL Rechargeable Electromagnet

The EBL series of scrap magnet has an in-built rechargeable battery, so you don’t need to connect it to a hydraulic circuit or generator on an excavator. It is the perfect unit for a small yard where you don’t have a specific machine to run the magnet. 

You can carry the EBL magnet on a forklift, orange peel grapple or chains. Simply operate it with a remote control when required and re-charge it overnight.

EBL Scrap Magnet Features

  • Internal rechargeable batteries provide the power
  • Charge it overnight when not in use
  • Options for hanging choice
  • Mount on a forklift, orange peel grab or chains
  • Operate it from a remote control in the cab

EBL 80

  • Excavator Weight: 5-7t
  • Tool Weight: 550kg
  • Diameter Size: 770mm
  • Charging Time: 10hrs
  • Force - Plate: 3,500kg
  • Force - Scrap: 250kg

EBL 100

  • Excavator Weight: 8-10t
  • Tool Weight: 950kg
  • Diameter Size: 1000mm
  • Charging Time: 12hrs
  • Force - Plate: 3,500kg
  • Force - Scrap: 350kg
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