HMG - Hydraulic Magnet
GI-DA Scrap Yard Magnets

HMG - Hydraulic Magnet

The HMG hydraulic scrap metal magnet directly connects to the excavator’s hydraulic pipes like other attachments without the need of any additional electrical box installation on the excavator.

HMG Hydraulic Magnet Features:

  • Fast demagnetization of ferrous material
  • Clearing and cleaning of ferrous scrap metal
  • Mobile, safe, durable, compact, easy handling
  • Scrap recycling
  • Use on demolition sites and recycling yards
  • Sort large magnetic materials

No need to install generators and electric cables! You can work with any machine by just connecting two hoses. The HMG’s have their own independent power generator for the production of electric energy which is placed above the Magnet plate.

The magnet has pressure and flow control valves. The magnet also has a rapid material release device of one second.

Bottom area of plate coated in a special wear resistant manganese steel.

  • Internal hydraulically generated power unit
  • Plumbs directly in to breaker circuit
  • High flow range
  • One way safety valve
  • High back pressure (up to 40 bar)
  • Overflow relief valve dumps back to tank
  • Robust cover pinned rather than bolted
  • 1 sec release rate
  • Provided with adapter plate for bracket for quick coupling interface.

Note: The hydraulic magnet requires the constant hydraulic flow.

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