Dust Suppression Units

Motofog Dust Suppression

MOTOFOG, dust control units launched by INMALO in the UK in 2013. A truly innovative and effective dust suppression unit with a diesel engine (no generator required), just plug in the water and you’re good to go.

The 4 models have a range from 15 to 55m throw. It’s light and simple to move/transport. For clients looking for dust suppression hire, we always have a number of units available.


Motofog MFJ10 Mini Dust Suppression Unit

MFJ10 Mini Motofog

Perfect for small or indoor jobs. A compact, trolley mounted dust suppression unit fitted with electric or petrol engine. Water supply connection from a garden hose can throw water 15 metres.

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Motofog MF20D Midi Dust Suppression Unit

MF20SD Midi Motofog

Perfect for the small to medium sized job sites. A compact, dust suppression unit fitted with a tried and tested Yanmar engine and only needs connection to a water supply to throw water 25 metres.

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Motofog MF40D Maxi Dust Suppression Unit

MF40SD Maxi Motofog

The Motofog MF40D is a compact dust suppression unit, fitted with tried and tested Yanmar diesel engines and only needs connection to a water supply to throw water 35 metres.

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Motofog Dust Suppression Unit MF60D

MF60D Motofog

The latest and largest Motofog with an impressive 55m throw. Self contained with onboard Yanmar engine, this unit requires a 1.5 inch water main connection to take you to the next level.

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RFA 10, 20, 40

RFA 10, 20, 40 Rotofog

The Rotofog is a fixed mast autonomous dust suppression system for waste handling, Transfer hubs/stations and quarries. It has a control system, enabling you to control range, oscillation, head angle, rotation and time stop starts.

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MFX20 Motofog

We are really excited to announce the arrival of the NEW Motofog MFX20. This small and highly manoeuvrable unit packs a punch with an array of features and mounting options including excavator booms.

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