Motofog MF60D innovation confirmed by NFDC

 29 March 2018
Motofog MF60D innovation confirmed by NFDC

The annual NFDC AGM Dinner Awards 2018 confirmed INMALO as runner up in the demolition product innovations category this year, a clear endorsment of the new Motofog MF60D's capability to fill the 50-55m range gap in mobile dust suppression systems.

The MF60D was launched in February and has been eagerly awaited by many in the demolition industry who are caught between the previous range gap which existed between Motofog MF40D and larger, more expensive fan assisted products such as the DustBoss DB60. With an impressive 55m throw, the MF60D is now a must-have piece of kit to have on site, especially in cities where emmissions and air quality controls are being enforced by legislation to ensure compliance.

'We're starting to see a great deal of interest in the MF60D as it still provides all the Motofog bennefits of having a self contained power unit with a 3 cylinder Yanmar engine and manouveablity for quickly re-siting on the job. There's no doubt this product is going to make more than a splash over the next twelve months", said Charles Polak. 

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