CC Combi Cutters

CC Combi Cutters

CC25R, CC35R, CC65R & CC90R Combi Cutters are designed for primary demolition of heavily reinforced concrete structures with the added benefit of larger metal handling shear blades. With triple  interlocking teeth, the CC range provides a powerful puncture force at the tip making it the ultimate tool for demolition operations involving highly-reinforced concrete buildings or even metal structures. The CC series incorporates characteristics of shears and concrete crushers to ensure the delivery of unbeatable performance even in the toughest situations.

Main Features

  • The union of powerful cylinders and twin pin system generate enormous breaking and cutting force.
  • The unique design of jaws incorporates shaped shear blades, which, together with the cutting guide, gives the CC incredible cutting power.
  • Interchangeable teeth and blades make maintenance operations easy and quick to keep the tool at full efficiency.
  • The speed valve reduces opening and closing time, boosting productivity.
  • Large jaw opening (CC25R) 1,000mm.  (CC35R) 1,100mm.  (CC65R) 1,525mm. (CC90R) 1,750mm.
  • (CC25R) 25-30 Tons.  (CC35R) 30 – 40 Tons.  (CC65R) 60 – 70 Tons.  (CC90R) 75-95 Tons.
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